Think Twice Before You Pay For Essay Writing Services

  • custom essays are quite cheap (though this fact should alert you, and soon you will find out why it is so);
  • custom essays are well-structured and professionally written (very often, they are written by college professors themselves. Why do they do so? Keep reading to understand);
  • custom essays can’t be detected by plagiarism checkers, because they are not plagiarized actually though they were not written by students themselves;
  • custom essays may help you understand the nature of a good paper and write a high-quality essay by your own afterward;

The dangers of buying essays online

  • knowing your knowledge and writing style, it will be very easy for your professor to understand that it was not you who has written a new essay. If your previous works were not as good as a new one, your professor will definitely suspect something wrong here; yes, your new work is in a different league now. But how did it happen? Have you suddenly become a guru of essay writing? A good professor will hardly believe that.

Why pay people to write essays

  • when you order an essay, you can’t check the professional skills of your ghostwriter. All of them will definitely say that they are professionals and they perfectly know what they do. All of them will say they are native speakers and they guarantee a high quality of the work they do. But how can you make sure that your money will not be spent on anything unworthy?

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  • you can never be sure that you haven’t paid through the nose for your essay.В 

В Why professors do what they do

  • if you are caught and disclosed, you will say goodbye to your college and your future diploma. Expulsion is the official punishment recommended for submitting a purchased paper.

В How to stay safe when paying for essay writing service

  • you ask a professor to write a paper on a particular topic. You know that this paper will be of a high quality, so you are not afraid of paying for it. When done, you cite it in your essay. No plagiarism, you are the author of your work. Profit!
  • use only trustful and checked essay writing services;
  • keep up with your order progress;
  • always check a paper for plagiarism, even if they say they guarantee a high quality of their work.В 

Where to find help with essay writing for free?

  • being an active user of such social networks as Facebook and Twitter, you may follow dozens of thematic groups, pages and profiles to ask professionals for help;
  • your social accounts may help you find good sources for citation;
  • become a member of some thematic forums to research, discuss and ask for essays topic, statement, opposite views, etc.;
  • do not ignore Reddit. This advanced search source will help you find all the information related to the topic chosen;
  • online libraries of many universities are open for you to use their archives;
  • ask your fellows to help you with essay topics, research or structuring your work;
  • use some thematic communities, where professionals are ready to help you with editing and proofreading your essay.В 
  • choosing unknown and unchecked custom essay writing websites that ask you to use your credit card to pay for their services, the threat of your identity theft is always present here.В